Why Us?

Elements of Art Hair Gallery founded in 2012 in Decatur, thrives on principles that promote positivity and creativity like many masterpieces. It has established itself as a place where our focus is on the health and condition of your hair. Our staff of talented and diverse hair artists have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We have mastered the ability to create unique styles, custom colors and execute precision cuts on all hair types.

Our Hair Artist

Tasha Shirley

Elements of Art Hair Gallery is a manifestation of Tasha’s long-standing passion of the hair and beauty industry. She entered the arena as a licensed cosmetologist more than 20 years ago and has established a robust portfolio, consisting of but not limited to: healthy hair care, precision cuts on all hair types and other cutting-edge styling techniques. Tasha is dedicated to providing excellent customer service to her clientele as well as imparting knowledge of new products and services, promoting an overall enhanced salon experience. She is a huge proponent of continual education and consistently strives to remain at the forefront of her field. One of Tasha’s most recent accomplishments yielded her attainment of Certified Trichologist- Hair Loss Expert status, resulting in clients being offered an additional layer of personalized service. Tasha remains updated on all the latest trends and aims to deliver the results her clients desire. With each new day comes a new opportunity for Tasha to birth a beautiful creation. Elements of Art Hair Gallery is transformed into a creative workspace daily. The chair is Tasha’s easel and each client who walks through the door is viewed as a blank canvas. As an artist, Tasha understands the importance of executing her creative imagination, thus transforming each blank canvas into a Masterpieces.…ONE HEAD AT A TIME!